Physical Exams

Our caring medical teams partner with their clients to help understand their pet’s needs and work together to help keep them living healthier longer.


We offer affordable preventative care products and services for the health and well being of your pet. Keep your pet healthy and happy with vaccinations and flea & tick preventatives.

Fecal Test

Rapid results, saving time & Stress.


Whether you need a consultation on a complex cardiology case or a second opinion on an x-ray, the Parajon Animal Clinic team is ready to help.


Our animal hospitals always strive to combine the best medicine, patient care, and client services possible.


Our team of veterinary professionals has the experience, skill, and caring attitudes to help make your pet well.

Dental Cleanser

Proper preventive dental care includes daily brushing of your pet’s teeth, along with an annual teeth-cleaning procedure. By following this regime, you can guarantee your pet that he will not have painful, costly, and potentially fatal health problems.


Designed to address the specific needs of your pet and keep your dog healthy, happy and looking great.


Offer safe, comfortable overnight lodgings. Our services offer you a safe, comfortable place for your dog to stay while you're out of town or at work.

Additional Services

If you need other services that is not list here please be free on call us: (305)-856-2885 or email us to: